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Baidu SEO vs Googe SEO: Top 10 differences You Should Know

What is the difference between Baidu SEO and Google SEO? This question is one of the most popular ones asked by clients, but most of the time we get an answer like: there is basically no differences between Baidu SEO and Google SEO; as long as you focus on content, good links and improve user experience, the ranking will naturally go up. But others will continue to ask: "So why does my website rank well in Google and poorly in Baidu?" "Why are more than 80% of the contents on Baidu and Google search results different?"

To answer these questions, we must spend some time to do in-depth analysis and thinking, the following, is my personal summary of Baidu SEO and Google SEO at least 10 points of significant differences.

1、Own product ranking advantages

Enter any popular keywords, Baidu's home page will basically appear Baidu's own products ranking, even if these own products have not done any SEO, they can still be firmly ranked on the first page. I think it goes without saying that this is something that even the Baidu Webmaster Club's LEE also defaults to. If SEOers can learn to use Baidu's own products to leverage their strengths, I think they can achieve twice the result with half the effort. Google treats its own products equally, if you violate the Google Webmaster Guidelines, even if it is its own products, Google is the same. So, to do well in Google SEO, you must strictly comply with the Google Webmaster Guidelines, there is no shortcut; to do well in Baidu SEO, if you want to get results in the short term, try to use the advantages of Baidu's own platform will be a very good idea.

2、Search results home page user behavior

A research institute compared Baidu and Google home page sweeping heat map found that Baidu users and Google users will still have significant differences in behavior, in Google, users find the information they want usually only take Baidu users half of the time, most users only look at the first three results; on the contrary, in Baidu, the user will usually search results on the content from the beginning to the end of the sweep, while we note that in Baidu's heat map, the red dot indicates the click, a large number of appear in the Baidu search box and the bottom of the relevant search, rather than the search results page, which is not a powerful data for Baidu, then why would this look? I think a large degree of reason to search quality, Baidu's search results are relatively chaotic, many times the user simply can not distinguish those are paid ads, those are natural results, and usually the content of these paid ads can not well meet the needs of users, so users may choose to refine the search words again, or simply pull to the bottom to see the relevant recommendations to find what they really want again. content. Of course, that's why the average Baidu user spends 55 seconds, almost twice as long as Google, to find the information they want.

3, page indexation

This one I think for the website friends are very clear, from the page indexation in the time, Google is definitely much faster than Baidu, and usually as long as a small number of external links placed in the periphery of the entrance Google can follow the link to your site and establish indexation, while Baidu is different, for the new site will not be indexed immediately, or even quite a long time are not indexed. The new site through the Baidu assessment period, Baidu began to index your site, the assessment period for many webmasters is more difficult to survive, the assessment period of time is sometimes really puzzling, some sites even more than a month or two months to start indexed, there are sites two or three days indexed, if some high-quality sites indexed fast, poor quality sites indexed slow can be understood, but according to me I understand that some illegal sites, poor quality sites also have a lot of quickly included, which makes some people puzzled.

Of course, although the speed of Google indexed a lot of pages, Google will still have an audit screening mechanism, which is why some websites are just indexed in the pages included quite a lot, but after a period of time indexed in the pages become less reason. Baidu is generally through a period of time on your website content audit, before you start to include your website, may be a large spider early crawl your page, just to be released after a long time.

So, do Baidu SEO, especially the new station, do not just go to ensure that others two, three months to see results and so on, it is likely that two months Baidu did not put your site out, huh. So generally we and customers to talk about this type of SEO optimization, are at least 6 months of optimization period, less than this time is generally not done, unless he does not want to guarantee performance.

4、Treatment of new sites strategy

Treating new sites Baidu and Google have their own audit standards, Google has Google sandbox, Baidu also has its own audit period, from the duration of time, basically the same, are 3-6 months of time. The difference is that after the audit period, Google's criteria for ranking keywords is more from the quality of the page itself and the recommendation of external links to sort, not because your site is young and affect the ranking of a specific page, while Baidu will still consider the weight of the whole site, so it is difficult for new sites to get hot words from Baidu, difficult words ranking, more often than not, through large sites after reproduction, by large sites to grab The new site is very difficult to get the ranking of hot words and difficult words from Baidu, and more often than not, the traffic and ranking is grabbed by big websites after reproduction.

5、The recovery mechanism after the website was down

After the site was down, you do not have to worry too much, in accordance with Google Webmaster Guide to adjust their website, and then through the Google administrator tools and Google communication, Google will re-observe your site to correct the previous cheating methods, once corrected, Google will still give you the recovery. But Baidu, if your site was down, then the chances of recovery is very small, although Baidu also has a complaint channel, but I personally think that these are just formal arrangements, most of the responses are not the answer, of course, Baidu can also blame the majority of webmasters ask very unclear questions, belonging to the invalid question. But the fact is, even if the effective question, the speed of processing and response efficiency is still very low, if you want to give examples, enough to write a blog post, here is not detailed. Of course, this is also related to the quality of Baidu's own personnel, there is no dedicated person to manage this matter is bound to lead to the current embarrassing situation. So for Baidu SEO, must strictly comply with the Baidu Webmaster Guide, although you can say that some sites cheating can also be ranked to the first page of Baidu, this situation I can not explain, just like why some people do nothing, in the company to mix can also get high wages, perhaps you see only the surface phenomenon.

6, robots agreement compliance

Google fully comply with the robots agreement, once the robots settings to block Google spiders, Google will not crawl and index the site, but Baidu does not seem to strictly comply, when you set the site after the robots agreement, Baidu spiders sometimes bypass / ignore the robots file, will still continue to crawl your space file, of course, here just to say that they are crawling, but I do not put out. But, I personally guess that your website data are intact and recorded by Baidu in their servers, just not generated summary in the search results page to show it. Of course, between Baidu and Taobao is right and wrong, and is another story, this blog post on this topic will not start. In short, my point is that Baidu does not strictly comply with the robots protocol.

7、External links judging criteria

For Google, external links are more like external recommendations, not only limited to the links written in the a-tag that can be directly clicked, but also from the social end of the recommendation factor can affect the ranking. For Baidu, links are links, and social is not directly related, and Baidu will also recognize those links that are not written in the a tag , this is also dependent on the Internet environment, many people are not willing to give clickable external links, but these external links are indeed sincerely recommended, in the end it is counted or not? Baidu webmaster platform has said that the only criterion for judging links is whether the link is sincerely recommended by the user. So, regardless of the form of the link, as long as the link recommended something valuable, it is counted as an external link by Baidu and can pass weight.

In addition, the importance of external links differs between Baidu SEO and Google SEO. Google considers external links (external real referrals) as a very important signal for a website, even more important than some onsite SEO optimization, such as keyword density, H tags, internal links, URL structure, because Google is fully capable of indexing and identifying a website, and the data of user referrals is what Google looks for.

On the one hand, the recommendation mechanism of the Chinese Internet is not mature enough, and the credibility of external links is not very high; on the other hand, Baidu's own ability to index and identify websites is not as strong as Google's, so for Baidu SEO, good onsite optimization, especially keyword deployment, website structure combing including navigation, internal chain mechanism are It is very important.

8、Content update

Baidu seems to pay more attention to content updates than Google, a website or page with continuously updated content for Baidu is very friendly. I remember before serving several business class customers, we do things to say also ridiculous, just to their website deployment of some keywords, update some of the original relevant content, keyword rankings and traffic quickly up, while Google has no change. We can also search for some cold industry popular keywords to see the similarities and differences in the search results of the top ten sites, you will find that the top ten sites ranked in Google's content is hardly updated, and if you want to rank to the first page of Baidu, the site must have a massive content update mechanism, Baidu gives much more weight to fresh content than Google.

9, the original identification mechanism

Chinese Internet reproduction and plagiarism is a common thing, this time for the search engine, the ability to identify the original is particularly important, Baidu in this regard is very bad. Take my website, for example, I will regularly update some blog posts and then submitted to some industry well-known website, but once the article was reprinted, the ranking of their own articles in Baidu is no trace, replaced by some industry websites, and even the collection of website content may be ranked in front of me.

10, popular events effect speed

Google is relatively fast for the processing of popular information, often very accurate to find the location of the news source, while Baidu is more dependent on large sites to get popular information, once the small sites on the hot content and not immediately found by large sites, Baidu is very difficult to dig in the short term, so that is why Baidu to reach a strategic partnership with Sina Weibo to share data, but also to see the microblogging This is why Baidu has entered into a strategic partnership with Sina Weibo to share data.

In addition, for SEO to say, sitemap updates and submissions for Baidu SEO is also crucial, first register a Baidu webmaster platform, regularly update their sitemap can help search engines better and faster to find, include and put out the content information you want to present to search results.

Well, the difference between Baidu SEO and Goole SEO is shared with you here, I hope to hear different voices and feedback, let's dig deeper and summarize more differences between Baidu and Google together.

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