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Baidu SEO

Lulutrip - Online Travel Agency


2018.8 - 2020.8


  • Increasing organic traffic across devices and platforms,

  • Improving positioning in SERPs for selected keywords

  • Increasing conversion rate to boost their on-site transaction

What We Did

  • Website audit: inspect every page and analyze data from Baidu Analytics and Google Search Console

  • Keyword research: Use Baiud Keyword Tool to identify core search keywords and long-tail keywords related to their business

  • Onsite SEO optimization: mega tags (TDK,ALT…),Head tags,URL,sitemap,404 pages…;create quality and attractive content by cooperating with editors; promote content email and social media


  • 142.81% increase in organic traffic in one month

  • From 80+ visits per day to 500+ organic visits per day (in 2 months)

Social Media

Pengfei UK Education


 2020.6 - present


  • Boost Chinese Followers

  • Engage with followers (customer service)

  • Brand image building

What We Did

  • Content strategy: Write creative and interesting Content for Customers; Use event marketing to write on hot topics.

  • Follower growth strategy: Add WeChat QR Codes to all documents, either online or offline; Seek for KOLs to provide positive reviews and recommend the official account; set automatic reply to explain some basic communication; engage with followers to create special customer experience; run some contests or launch some lucky draws to boost engagement and new followers


  • 1k to 10k followers within 6 months

  • Average views 500+ and 20+ “likes”

Baidu PPC Ads

Arrow Electronics




  • Scale up spend significantly whilst improving ROI

  • Deliver large quantities of engaged traffic

  • Help Arrow Electronics to hit overall revenue targets

What We Did

  • 1.Upgrated tracking and integrated with Kenshoo and Google Analytics, allowing us a full picture of macro conversion and micro conversion path for further analysis and optimization

  • 2.Expand search presence across 360 and Sogou search engine platforms, we saw a new growth point that drives increase of ROAS and brand awareness

  • 3.Restructure the account based on the customer journey and keyword funnel data

  • 4.Develop closely partnership with clients and make adjustments and fast reactions to any changes and problems arising.


We achieved the ROAS above 5 within 3 months and revenue increased quarter by quarter.

China Market Research

Land Love


July 12, 2020


As Land Love was looking to enter the Chinese market, they did not know what the size of the opportunity was. They were unsure what the main online e-commerce platforms were and what their competitors were doing in China

What We Did

Baidu search volume and PPC analysis not only provided insight into which keywords might have been low-hanging fruit, but also insight into which combinations people were or were not searching for . Demographics were pulled from Tmall and Baidu’s back-end to uncover users’ gender, geographic locations and keyword growth. This gave Land Love a clear indication of who, where, and when they should allocate marketing and inventory resources. All content from several key opinion leaders was scraped and then dissected to provide insight into what makes each of them tick and why consumers see them as leaders. The final product was a KOL acquisition, development, and retention strategy.


Shero provided Land Love with the information necessary to allocate resources to the appropriate e-commerce platform, import and stock the right amounts of inventory at the right time at the right price, achieve top rankings with accurate SEO, and choose the right KOL’s for a powerful thought leadership program.

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