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My name is Angela, I'm a professional digital marketer with more than 8 years of experience in China, My specialties are SEO & SEM on Baidu/360/Sogou/Weibo/Wechat,I help different industry of clients promote their products and services through main stream search engines and social media platforms in China and manage $5M USD annually on PPC/SEM account budget.

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My Story

My name is Angela, I've been working in digital marekting related area for more than 8 years, currently I'm a digital marketing freelancer in Shanghai, China,


My main focus is to help overseas companies to acquire customers through various online channels such as search ads(Baidu), native ads(Toutiao), display and social media( Wechat/Weibo/Douyin/Red...).


I have both in-house and agency experiences serving B2B, education, ecommerce clients and so on,  help them to aquire accurate traffic and gain revenue through online media channels.


In 2018, I went to UK alone to pursue a master degree in marketing. All the past working and learning experience equipped me with solid understanding of digital marketing/advertising, better know every step of the online customer journey from awareness to purchase and target them with different media strategies.


If you want to grow your business in China, I am open to discuss my rate, deadline and the project, feel free to message me!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+86 13611986533

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