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4 Simple Steps to Open a Baidu PPC Account

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Unlike Google Ads where set up is a straight forwards self-service process, setting up a Baidu PPC advertising account requires to provide a good number of documents and can take up to 2-4 weeks.

For many oversea companies, open a Baidu PPC advertising account is hard and takes time. Let me guide you through the process to make it easier.

Unlike Google Ads where set up is a straight forwards self-service process, setting up a Baidu PPC advertising account requires to provide a good number of documents and can take up to 2-4 weeks.

This post includes a breakdown of the complete procedure, as well as a list of required documents to open a Baidu PPC account.4 simple steps to help you get started with this key piece to an overall digital marketing plan in China.(Contact us to help you simlify the whloe process)

Have your Chinese website ready

Baidu PPC advertising is a Chinese advertising platform, so it's better to use Chinese websites or landing pages. If your website doesn’t have a Chinese translation yet, hire a translator to localize it into Chinese first(We also provide localization service). Please note you should not use machine translation such as Google Translate, which works poorly between Chinese and English.

They can be under a top-level domain, a subdomain, or a subdirectory.

Now pay extra attention to your About Us page and Contact Us page. To prove you are a legitimate business, Baidu requires you clearly display your company information on those two pages.

On the About Us page, there should be a short introduction about your company. The company’s name must be the same with the one on the provided business license.

Another recommendation is to make your website fast in China, both the PC version and the mobile version.

That doesn’t mean you have to host your website in China though - it can be hosted anywhere as long as its load speed in China is good.

Prepare your business license

Baidu requires a scanned copy of your business license in full color. The license can be in any language, but preferably in Chinese or English.

The copy needs to have your company stamp or a signature of a staff member of your company.

Besides the scanned copy of the above license, you also need to provide a copy of the same business license translated into Chinese Mandarin.

The translated copy also needs to include your company stamp or a signature of a staff member, as well as a short handwritten statement “翻译件与原件一致”, which means the translation matches the original business license.

By the way, Baidu doesn’t accept applicants from industries that are illegal in China, such as porn, gambling, guns, and cryptocurrency.

Baidu also has an even more strict review process for the industries that can potentially have a severe impact on one’s health and assets, such as the financial service industry and the medical/healthcare industry. For example, applications by foreign forex trading platforms and overseas private hospitals are usually rejected by Baidu.

Prepare a business bank account statement

This includes bank account information, local tax payment certificate, check, bank statement, bank payment order form. Note: you can provide any one of the above.

For example, if you provide the bank account information, you should include bank name, business account name, account number, bank branch name (if applicable), and bank branch address.

Sign the contract and make a deposit

If you’ve made it to this step, congratulations! It means you have all legal material approved and you’re very close to getting your own Baidu PPC account. The Baidu agents will send along the Baidu Platform contract, which contains privacy terms and advertising policy.

When Baidu opens a new account, they charge an initial deposit of 10000 RMB, which you can see in your account balance and use for your campaigns later. Baidu currently only supports wire transfer. They don’t accept credit cards or PayPal.


Quick Takeaways

  1. Have your Chinese website, Chinese business license and a bank statement ready before applying

  2. You don’t have to host your website in China

  3. You don’t need to have a Chinese company

  4. Working with a Baidu agent is better than Baidu directly

  5. Foreign drug sellers, hospitals, and financial service providers face a much higher chance of rejection

  6. When opening a new Baidu advertising account, you need to make a payment of 1000 RMB or above to Baidu

Needing help get a Baidu PPC account? Contact us today!

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