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Baidu PPC Ads in China

Baidu PPC ads is the most effective way to increase traffic to your Chinese website. Baidu PPC ads will also help improve your brand awareness in China and increase leads and sales on your Chinese website.


Why Use Baidu PPC Ads?

No.1 search engine in China

Get seen by millions of potential customers

Increase your sales revenue 

Get in front of your ideal customers who are searching for your product on Baidu 

Immediately increase traffic

Gain rapid exposure and be found by your Chinese target audience on Baidu

Build your brand

Get more exposure for your brand in China


Baidu PPC Account Setup

Baidu PPC account set up requires to provide a good number of documents and can take up to 2-4 weeks. Depending on your business industry, on the location from where your business license was issued, you will be required to different procedures and documents submission.

Baidu PPC Account Management

Shero Digital works on managing Baidu PPC Advertising campaign by tracking the performance of each campaign and keyword. We also provide a regular reporting, detailing the data of the main Key Performance Indicators like Cost-Per-Click(CPC), Click-Through-Rate(CTR), Bounce Rate, Impressions, Cost-Per-Conversion and more.

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