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How do brands do Xiaohongshu(Red) marketing in China

It's time for an exclusive interview every Thursday. This week we interviewed Chen with very rich experience on the Xiaohongshu(Little Red Book) marketing in China. Let's take a look at the content of our interview today.

Q1: Hello, Can you introduce yourself first, share your experience, and let everyone know you better?

My name is Chen. I have been working in the online marketing for more than 5 years, serving more than 500+ brands, focusing on Xiaohongshu beauty, wedding dress, food, accessories, and wedding photography industry. Now I'm work at an advertising agency.

Q2: Can you share some Xiaohongshu marketing cases you have done?

I have done many Xiaohongshu marketing cases, such as the local mother and baby product, Paramount glasses, beauty tattoo products, Korean wedding photography ect, all of which are well placed on Xiaohongshu, and the daily spending is more than tens thousands rmb.

I would like to share a beauty product for instance.Customer situation: Consumers have zero brand awareness, and the marketing strategy has not yet been formed. In the face of such a situation, through "finding the track", we have gained insight into the needs of "generation Z young people" for high appearance and portability in the essence of the main ingredient market, bypassing the battlefield where the constituent parties are fighting head-on, and combining the brand Features to find solutions for user segmentation scenarios, instead of confrontation, focus on product mentality on "packaging and portability" and "high-value", and directly meet the needs of the "Gen Z crowd" .

Combined with the content to strengthen the selling points of "portability" + "appearance", and constantly expand the scene, "the essential essence for lazy people to go out at home" quickly became popular, and through business topics to create and strengthen users' memory points about product form.

Taking this as an extension, "strong exposure, strengthening of visual and core selling points" has become the key strategy of elite brands in "strengthening cognition". Among them, the optimization of CPC information flow materials has significantly improved the data performance of advertising, and the overall CTR has increased from the initial 1. % gradually increased and finally stabilized at about 5%, which was better than the industry market level.

Through Xiaohongshu's "Good Things Experience Officer", the selling point of the product was verified for the first time: "portability" + "appearance", and there were 200 related recycling notes, which paved the way for later dissemination.

Q3: What advantages do you think Xiaohongshu has over other social media platforms in China?

First, Xiaohongshu(Red) is China No. 1 life consumption decision-making platform and China's No. 1 new consumer brand development platform, runs through the whole customer journey, and has a super high influence on user consumption behavior, Xiaohongshu is the most effective platform to help users make consumption decisions.

Second, the users of Xiaohongshu is relatively unique. 70% of the entire platform is female and 72% is mainly post-90s, and the first- and second-tier accounts for 50% of the entire platform. With consumption power and a stronger acceptance of new things, Xiaohongshu people are a group of people who pursue trends, fashion, and are willing to try, share, and exchange ideas for beautiful things.

Q4: Can you share some important points in creating content in Xiaohongshu?

1. Title: Refined and eye-catching, including current popular keywords and own product keywords, with emoticons to attract users.

2. Pictures: Use the actual pictures of the scene and the product selling points to induce a sense of substitution and influence decision-making.

3. Copywriting: learn to split selling points, such as functional selling points, interest-based selling points

Functional selling point: Xiaohongshu is a knowledge sharing platform, dry goods and popular science types will be more attractive to users. For example: How to choose a makeup base that suits your skin type

Interest-based selling points: Xiaohongshu is a grass-growing platform, and some interesting and differentiated selling points can easily attract the attention of users. For example, before Bobbie Brown's orange cream, the popular selling points of moisturizing the cream came out, and it was made into a makeup front cream with a good foundation and makeup, and the effect was very good.

4. #Topic: Bring some more keywords related to this article, increase the exposure of your notes, and trigger the traffic pool mechanism.

5. Create albums: Clearly plan and categorize notes so that readers can find the notes they want.

6. Create a topic: Create a topic that belongs to the brand, accumulate your own topic popularity, and at the same time, it is convenient to know your real-time operation effect.

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